Selected Professional Testimonials

SerenitySound Experience™

"Pausing in this crunching world is a luxury that most of us excuse from our demanding routines. Experiencing a session in Sanctorum is a calming, reflective shelter which allows one to enter deep into a primal and safe place for communing with one’s self. This process elicits a healing, easing of tension and calm. The physiological effects can do wonders for countering the acute and hidden stresses of one’s life. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience."

-- Lesley A. Ward, PhD, Psychotherapist

"I can tell you that I found the experience thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing. Remarkably, I noted a sense of peace that lasted throughout the rest of the day. Being a natural skeptic, I approached (Sanctorum) with some doubt. But soon, I was completely engulfed in the physical and audio experience."

-- Mark Perloe, MD

"I attempt meditation from time-to-time. But, sancTorum, well, this is like . . . meditation for dummies! The experience required no effort, was most enjoyable, and the relaxation effect lingered for hours."

-- Fred S. Shessel, MD,

"Sanctorum is truly impressive! The experience, like none I’ve ever had, relaxed me in a profound way. I could see how this experience could significantly contribute to the healing process, which, in my opinion, begins when you can genuinely relax and let go."

-- Dan Reeves, Former NFL Head Coach:
 Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons

"I can honestly say, that after serving as a professional in the spa industry for 17 years . . sancTorum has been the most profoundly relaxing and unique spa experience, ever!"

-- Kristin Chou, Chairperson, ISPA (International Spa Association)

"Sanctorum heightens my sensitivity to the beauty of sound, peace, and tranquility. I always try to scheduele a session just before my performances"

-- Christine (Tine) Mayfield, Gospel/ Jazz Vocalist

Turner Broadcasting System, Atlanta

"Didn’t know what to expect. I think I’m hooked after the first time . . ."

"R-E-A-L-L-Y COOL! I loved the blend of nature sounds (rain, ocean) and music selections. Can I take this home with me?"

"It took a year to experience this place! Definitely worth the wait."

"What a mystifying, spiritual journey. An experience of love."

"This was so great! I can’t believe how relaxing it was. I will definitely be back!"

"Tranquil . . . Serene . . . Soothing . . ."

"Highly gratifying experience. To be continued . . ."

"Any way you could set one of these up in my cubicle?"

"Loved the room’s ambiance . . . great smell, sounds, décor, comfort, etc. Truly wonderful!"

"Awesome, splendid - - a must about every three weeks - - can we have more of them - - thanks for taking care of our souls! Very replenishing!"

"Who came up with this idea? I plan to recommend it to everyone! Combining all the senses made for a profoundly relaxing experience. Keep up the good work. Words can’t quite do justice to what I experienced. I’ll say it simply: THANK YOU!"

Gallo Holdings, LLC

"I really appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness that went into creating the sancTorum experience."

"This experience took me to a relaxing and comfortable place . . . Thank you for creating this wonderful get-away!"

"As ever, it was an incredible experience that relaxed the pressures and stress of the week. Can’t wait for my next birthday!"

"The total effect was FABULOUS !"

"Enjoyed the sancTorum experience tremendously. Very de-stressing. I wouldn’t change a thing."

""This experience was one in a lifetime. Thank you."

"The feel of the room was awesome. Thank you so, so much! It gave me time to relax and think, which doesn’t happen often for me."

"I’ll remember this experience for a very long time . . . Absolutely AMAZING . . . ."

"I had a spectacular time in sancTorum. I kept imagining myself somewhere in Morocco. I love the fact that the sound is surround, and you feel like you’re actually there, watching the performance live at some paradise island. . ."

". . . Now I have to go and build a quiet room of my very own. Hopefully I’ll be invited back! It was SO nice to be able to recharge my battery THANK YOU! ! !"

"Overall . . . an amazing experience! Thank you so very much! I can’t wait for my next visit! Sanctorum was well worth the wait!"